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We Learn

Before finding my first job in tech, I always thought that to grow my experience was necessary to make a bigger project, with front-end and back-end code. I thought to build a video course platform where people could add content in an admin interface, and then interact with it on the front web app.

welearn 3mock

How is made it?

  • Gatsby
  • Netlify
  • Apollo
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Auth

At the time I was interested to understand Apollo and GraphQL, for that the weird union of Firestore and Apollo.

Why I built it?

I built it to challenge my self on making a full web app with new technologies, developing the front end and the back end. Also, at that time I was intrigued to sell the product at some friends in the poker community (read about me to understand more).

Below a short video of how the admin app works and you can find the follow functionalities:

  1. Authentication (Firebase).
  2. Creation of new users.
  3. A profile section where each user can modify their credentials.
  4. The user receives an email with password and username.
  5. A section where upload and add new videos.
  6. The course creation, where the user can add different modules with a live preview component.

This is the front web app, where the end user can enjoy what the app offer, like a video and course library, with filters and a search bar component.

What I’ve learned?

I learned how to structure a big project. The most important lesson learned was how to don’t structure a project. Wrong decisions about the tech stack bring to unnecessary complexity. I could very well have just used Firebase Firestore API to query and mutate data.

How to contact me

Currently I'm working for a company in Barcelona, but I'm available for freelancing jobs.

If you think I would be a good fit for you, send me an email.