Nice to meet you.

Hi there! This is Leonardo.
I’m a passionate and avid learner and I love to experiment new things. I am a self-taught programmer and, in this blog, I’d like to share all my findings, difficulties and achievements while learning everything I can about blockchain technology.

My past

My background is really far from tech, I remember that I used to be the kind of person who just shut down the PC, whenever there was a problem, thinking that it was the smartest solution. By the way, it still works sometimes. Back in 2017, I was an online poker player. I started playing poker when I was 18 (2010) and with the first winnings I invested in poker classes to improve my skills. As a self-taught person, the path wasn’t always easy, but in the end I achieved a good level of knowledge.

An interior crisis

After winning thousands of euro with poker and years of travelling around the world ✈️ from Malta, to Mexico and Australia, I realized that money was not that important. In fact, I realized that if I wanted to find happiness, I had to change the main focus in my life.

At this point, I started to question what I was doing, and if it was right for my soul. During this process, at the end of 2017, I started to grow an interest in blockchain technology, and without having a real understanding of it, I invested and lost a lot of that poker money in trading and blockchain tech. But you know, money comes and goes, and this experience made me want to learn more and truly understand the workings behind blockchain technology and everything it encompasses. I was so fascinated by the crypto revolution that it brought me clarity on what the next chapter of my life would be.

The discovery

I understood that to master crypto trade and blockchain technology, I would need to study coding from the core, and only then try to approach more complex concepts and languages like solidity.

Thanks to my poker savings, I studied without being stressed about money. I never did a boot camp, rather, everything that I know, I’ve learned from YouTube, reading articles online, and taking some paid courses. This experience helped me improve my studying method, and now I’m not scared of new challenges at all. I’m conscious that with a good approach and planning, I can overcome any difficulty.

Now here we are, I’m super happy with my decision and I am eager to learn and understand new tools and languages every day.